Marcel den Dulk 
Muziek brengt mensen samen... in elke organisatie zit muziek !

A new song

Due to the corona crisis, we had to look for new relationships between together and alone. The 'old song' no longer worked, worldwide it became necessary to look again for collaborations that contained music.

I wrote this song to celebrate that more and more is possible for us to make us feel together,
It is a canon and it has a symbolic meaning: you all seem to be singing right through each other, but there is a harmonic foundation underneath, which brings the diversity together in unity.

Here you can download the music: sheet music and MP3 sound files,
making it easy to sing along with the accompaniment:

  • Single-part sheet music
  • Score of two-part performance
  • Score of 4 voices performance
  • MP3 file with swinging accompaniment
  • MP3 file with two voice accompaniment
  • MP-3 file with four voice accompaniment

If you email all the files to yourself, you'll always have them with you. Nice icebreaker for the holidays, on the train, at a meeting, etc. You will see what that does to people if you just start singing together.

Feel free to forward it to everyone you know, making this song start its journey around the world.

"Let our songs brighten the nations, until the whole world sings."